Multi-Touch Based Affiliate Marketing

Only pay for publishers who are truly creating incremental revenue.

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Only pay for incremental revenue-based.

Penelope only charges advertisers for incremental revenue. This is measured by looking at the incremental value of a touchpoint in the customer journey.

When using Penelope, advertisers are fully in control of their budgets. Below, we show a pricing example of an advertiser's programme for a given month.

Participated revenue Commission* Budget/payout € 8,903 16.8% € 1,495 € 7,304 13.7% € 1,001 € 3,777 20.7% € 782
Penelope platform fee — 30% € 983
Total affiliate budget for month € 4,261

In this toy example, the advertiser has three publishers in their programme. Together with all of them, the advertiser has determined an appropriate commission. Based on the incremental revenue that each publisher has brought the advertiser this month, the payout for each publisher is determined.

Here, is paid out € 1,495 at the end of the month, is paid out € 1,001, and is paid out € 782.


Penelope Integrates with the following tools.

Google Analytics for tracking purposes. Penelope can use your Google Analytics tracking as the main source of data.

Argos ↗, a first-party tracking solution built by the developers of Penelope. A seamless connection between the systems is guaranteed.

Odyssey ↗ to turn the data into actionable insights, not only for affiliate marketing but for all marketing channels.

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